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Is red better?

You know how some motherboards and graphics cards are red, when most other circuitboards are green? Well… are they red for a reason? Is it a different material that improves performance? Or is it because red boards are cooler?
On a totally unrelated note, I have a cold again. Been a while since the last one though, I suppose.

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  1. Considering that MBs come in all manner of colors these days, black, blue, red, gold, and so on, I’d be inclined to think it has little to do with performance and a lot to do with aesthetics.
    Check out the DFI Lanparty MBs sometime. Not only are they not green, but all the connectors are UV sensitive so they’ll glow in black light.
    FYI – For some reason I was unable to leave this comment when signed into TypeKey. Kept telling me I needed to provide a name and email address. Might want to check your code.