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  1. ‘Static Dragon’ for my real name and ‘Apex Killer’ for my current nickname apparently. Lol. That’s funny as hell even if it serves no other purpose.

  2. Kinda cool: Circuit Wing
    Fun fact: I grew up in Des Moines (Iowa, USA) where Chris Pirillo lives. I’ve met him a couple of times (though I doubt he’d remember) and my brother has been mentioned in at least twice in Lockergnome, as well as the company I used to work for (we supplied his computer equipment, once upon a time). =)
    Kinda nifty to see someone from “nowhere” like DM be so big on the ‘net. ^_^

  3. Cybernetic Fiber !

  4. I got a boring “Mr Atom”. btw neil, if you sign into typekey and then try to comment you get told you need to enter name and email address but the page doesn’t have the fields to fill in.

  5. Checking if TypeKey is working correctly…

  6. I’m apparently “Lord Atom”. Eugh.
    And yes, it seems TypeKey is workiong properly. 😉 (I signed up a few weeks ago because I felt I might as well…)

  7. Hmm. Actually, no, it didn’t. It submitted the comment without TypeKey, even though it said on the comment page that it was going to use it. And it must have signed me out, because I can see the normal name/email fields here.

  8. 7h@t t001 15 k00l.

  9. Trace Booter – How stupid. I prefer my “Koldark”.

  10. Lord Phreaker X, oh yeah baby.

  11. How is “Iron Dead” in anyway related to hacking or even computers? I like my “Red Hatter” name and it fits my logo: a Linux Peguin with a red top hat on.

  12. thats awesum…im gonna keep it 😛