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Flickring about

I’ve uploaded a few photos that I’ve taken this week to my public Flickr page, which I’m going to try to make more use of. It’s a cool service and I hope that someone may find my photos useful. They’re all available under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License.
I’ve been a member of Flickr since May but it’s only this past week that I’ve “got it” and seen how it differs from other photo hosting services.


  1. I’m also a Flickr member but really haven’t seen a reason to use it over posting pics on my blog.
    Care to share your thoughts?

  2. Same here. I haven’t found it to be anything exciting just yet.

  3. Flickr not exciting? Are you kidding? It’s great!

  4. Yeah I’m coming around. They’re pretty blog-friendly and since they’re only in beta I’d expect to see more cool features in the future.