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Mike’s got some Gmail invites

Mike’s got 6 Gmail invites to give away. If you need one, head over there – don’t post here! 🙂
Posting may be quite light this week as I’ve had a severe lack of free time – on Sunday, I turned up at 9am to go the airport and didn’t arrive back on campus until 11:40pm, and yesterday I wasn’t back until 8.


  1. I’ve got another 3 invites going on my blog too.

  2. I’ve got 6+ invites, too, with no real need for ’em.

  3. About 70 going with me. Not that anyone seems to need them anymore.

  4. Donate your invites to the GMail Invite Spooler so that people who want them can get ’em:

  5. I have 6 invites as well… all I ask is a small donation to I realize they can be gotten for free, so if you’re not inclined to donate and/or not interested in the other benefits available to donors, then by all means, save your money! If you do donate, it is greatly appreciated!

  6. Here are 6 more invites from Breaking Windows. Call me old fashioned, but I like giving my own invites away.

  7. Gmail Invities

    Gmail 4 Troops