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This is one of those miscellaneous posts, but it’s mostly about my life lately so if you’re just here for the techy stuff you can skip this.

Thanks for all your kind messages about my resits. I am indeed highly relieved that I passed – although I could have taken an ordinary degree had I failed it would mean taking an extra year to take a conversion course after I graduate (if such a course even exists) to get honours and would mean I have less modules which would probably make me more bored. Anyone who knows me knows I hate boredom, hence the reason why I always take on far too many responsibilities to try and fill time and then end up with no free time to myself to chill out…

The other option would have been to retake the second year but again that would be an extra year and would mean a year of covering work I’d already done which would just add to the boredom factor. But thankfully I don’t have to consider either of those now.

The Welcome Week edition of Scrapie is out around the campus and around 2/3rds of it is loaded in MT in draft form – unfortunately I ran out of time and energy to do the rest today. It’s not a bad issue – arguably it’s better than last year’s Welcome Week edition – but I can still think of ways to improve it. We didn’t put a bar guide in this year, for example, but then the guide from last year still mostly applies. It’s certainly more accurate than the guide included in the 2005 undergraduate university prospectus which gives the impression that one of the union bars has a restaurant attached selling vegetarian food, amongst other things. The web site is due for a bit of an overhaul, mainly for stuff related to the book but also because the logo needs updating.

Also, as a result of the ‘wrong’ email address being pasted in the magazine I’ve had to reopen a mailbox that I’d stopped using because I got nothing but spam from it. Still, Thunderbird’s Bayesian filter needs training so at least I’ll have plenty of fodder for it.
Remember that it be Talk Like A Pirate Day on Sunday. It’s also National Walking Day here in the UK, so if you’re a Brit, don’t forget to spend Sunday walking around and singing sea shanties. It also happens to be the day when the new students arrive in Bradford, so I really hope our student helpers aren’t going to be walking around singing sea shanties as otherwise the parents will probably think we’re a load of nutcases. We are, but that’s not the point.

Talking of walking, you may remember that I now have a pedometer (last paragraph). I’m generally getting within 2000 steps of my 10000-a-day target, which is okay but could be better, obviously. I’m somewhat fortunate this year because I live off campus and thus have further to walk each day, which gets me a little more exercise.

As I’ve said, I’m spending Sunday in Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA), as well as Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, and alas I won’t be doing much walking as I’ll be stuck behind a desk with a laptop. I could do the sea shanties bit but I don’t want to scare the students away. And considering many will not have a good grasp of English (we run English as a Foreign Language courses here), talking like a pirate would really confuse them.

I’ve bought plenty of bottled drinks today before I go as apparently the prices there are ridiculous. Despite being called Leeds Bradford Airport, it’s not particularly close to Leeds or Bradford, or anywhere really, and as such the shops and restaurants there can charge pretty much what they like. Apparently two fry-up breakfasts cost £16 and a small bottle of water is £1.40. And I thought Subway was expensive.
Although today is Friday I’ve elected not to do this week’s FridayQ as I couldn’t think of many good answers to the questions. I guess I’m not that materialistic. Meanwhile, have a read of what Dave2 wrote.

I’ve now got 150 songs on my iPod Mini with a few more to come. Having used it for a week now my only real regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner. It’s awesome. I was considering the Rio Carbon but it’s not yet out over here and despite being similarly-priced and having a slightly bigger hard disk (5GB instead of 4), it just doesn’t have the ‘iPod factor’. Tell people you have an new iPod, and they know what you’re on about. Tell people you have a new Rio, and they think you’ve just had your arse reshaped. Okay, maybe that’s ‘new rear’…
And finally, if you see a post about Gmail invites that says there are none left, that’s because there are none left. Don’t post to ask for one because there aren’t any.

Over and out.

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  1. Hmm, talk like a Pirate day… Hmm.. If you hear of someone coming in to Heathrow Airport (LHR- yep, I’ll be at an airport on Sunday as well) via MNC – Munich from Narita International Airport NRT (aka “New Tokyo Airport”) Japan and getting stopped by customs for talking like a pirate and carrying some green leaves in his luggage (Japanese tea – honest officer! I’ve got a little addiction to the stuff now!) – that’ll be me!
    I doubt I’ll do much walking though. I leave Tokyo at 7.15am, leave Japan at 11.05am and I’ll be back in good old cold Blightly by 7pm. After a 14hour flight *cries*
    Airports are pricey though – but mainly “air side” (i.e. once you are through customs and into “no mans land”) – “land side” tends to be resonablish as you do, in theory, still have the option of just walking out the airport…
    I have actually been tempted by the iPod/iPod Mini myself (even went into the “first” Apple store here in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan to have a look: along with having an unimpressive look at Hondas Asimo robot) – but I find my 64Mb Creative MuVo MP3 cheapo player (cost £70 in Jan) is still ok: stick sounds into Stereo (I hardly notice the difference anyway!) and fit a good 3 hours music on there…