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iOpener is a Windows tool based on hymm, the DRM unlocker for files bought in the iTunes music store. It takes the hymm code and wraps it in a somewhat more intuitive interface. You can download it from the hymm site.
To use it, all you need to do is:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Open iOpener
  3. Close iOpener again once it has done its work

It’s that simple. iOpener searches your music library for locked files and unlocks them, storing a backup of the original stored file. I tried it out with the free song of the week in the UK store (“Make Everything Change” by Wire Daises – not bad, actually) and it seemed to work fine.
While I think Apple has made the best balance between freedom and controlling piracy of all the online stores (bar the un-DRMed MP3s at Wippit), I’d rather play it safe and have an un-DRMed backup of the file, just in case something bad happens like a hard drive failure…

One Comment

  1. … or perhaps you wanted to play said music on a laptop that had no internet access *gasp*
    If iTunes looses its DRM authentication for a song, which I have seen happen under what I would call “normal use,” it has to go to the ‘Net and validate you. Which is just the most frustrating thing when you have your PowerBook and no internet connection for the weekend 🙁