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Apple wiped my iPod!

I am not a happy bunny.
Now that my own laptop is back, I went to install the drivers for my iPod Mini so that I could use it. During the installation it said it needed to set the iPod up so that it could be used. Fair enough, I clicked okay and continued with the installation.
And then I found that by doing that I’d reformatted it.
So now all the music (around 90 songs) that I’d uploaded over the past few days is gone. There was nothing to warn me of this happening either.
Apple, if this is your idea of stopping people sharing files between computers then you really need to sort your policies out. Either that, or you need to get the idea that an increasing number of people own more than one computer, or may well need to reformat their computer and start again.
I’m just thankful this happened now and not a couple of months down the road when I had more music on there. The annoying thing is that some of the music is now on a computer back in York which I won’t have access to for some time, so I’ll have to do without it for now. Hmmmph.


  1. I know it’s a bit late, but when I moved I left my PC back in the UK, to prevent wiping the songs I first atteched the iPod and used it as a external hard drive and copied all the songs over then installed the installation stuff
    But I forgot to do that last time I came back and lost the downloaded songs, pain in the ass… So i feel your pain

  2. Oh piss. That’s annoying!

  3. That sucks Neil! I have 2 iPods and 2 computers. At once time it was a PowerBook and a P4 rig, now its a PowerBook and a G5, and I have had to upgrade the firmware and install the software in Windows for both of my iPods. I can’t say I ever lost any of my music.
    I’m sorry to hear that it formatted your iPod, but I have heard of this a few times from other people.

  4. Yeah, been there too. I hooked my iPod up to my laptop and it got wiped. Fortunately I just went to the PC and dropped it in the dock and an hour later (lotsa music) it was back.
    I wish I knew of a way to get my iPod to sync between two different computers. Anyone know?

  5. Chris – Apple doesn’t want you to do that – that is pirating – or so it is to them. And I do not find any apps that do that on VersionTracker.
    And if it takes 1 hr. to sync your music, why waste the space on two computers?
    I have two systems running my music but use the randevous music sharing in iTunes.

  6. Why did you want to the drivers at all? These are iPod Drivers and for Driver updates its quite common that all setting etc are erased. The PC itself doesnt need any driver updates to connect to the iPod just iTunes… but then you have to be carefull and not allow your iPod to connect itself with this computers iTunes Libary…

  7. It happened to me just yesterday, after this happened to me:
    Fortunately, I was planning to retag all my music while also throwing some of the crap out… just not this soon.

  8. Erm, you *do* need to install the drivers first. I tried and it wouldn’t work with iTunes.

  9. Ken – It’s not pirating. I can *copy* the music to my iTunes on my work computer. I just have to authorize that computer to my ID and it works.
    I paid for the music; I’m not sharing it with anyone else. I should be able to play my music where I want to!
    Thank goodness for HYMN. ^_^

  10. I think you’re wrong on this one Neil. I re-installed the software for my girlfriend’s iPod mini yesterday and the install process at one point asked me did I want to update the iPod not the computer’s software.
    If I remember the dialog box correctly it gave Install or Cancel as the two options. Perhaps it should have been more descriptive.
    i.e. Option 1: It’s my first time, upgrade the iPod
    Option 2: I’ve done this before, just the drivers please.

  11. I just bought an iPod mini for my wife yesterday. I downloaded the software on our home pc, which isn’t hooked up to the internet yet because we’ve moved. Then I saw the software agreement booklet and about died. Apple won’t allow me to install the software on her work pc? Or will it reformat the iPod and wipe what little music we had on it to test it out?

  12. im getting a new comuter but all my songs for my ipod are on my old computer. is it possible for me to transfer my music onto the new computer and be able to use my ipod?

  13. Neil, I think it’s because when you installed the drivers you agreed to ‘AutoSync my iPod with my Music Library’, and seeing as you had nothing in your library it erased it all and replaced it with what was in your library (nothing)
    Don’t hate Apple for it

  14. i’ve just bought my mini i-pod.but once i tried 2 install it 2 my pc it says it can only be install with windows 2000 or xp.then,it ask me 2 format the drive(which is the ipod).so i clicked at the yes button.after my i-pod is formatted,it can’t be use anymore!when i turn on my i-pod it shows the pictures of a folder,then it shut down by it self.HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!(sorry bout my enlish anyway)

  15. i re-installed my operating system so i had to re- install my itunes and ipod updater software but my itunes would not connect with my ipod and tells me to re-install itunes everytime please help me quickly