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Annabella Reloaded

Annabella, my Toshiba laptop is back from being ‘fixed’ and now has a spangly new hard drive. Right now, all she has is a factory install of Windows XP SP1, but I’ll get her personalised over the next few days when I have time. Conviniently, Firefox 1.0PR and Thunderbird 0.8 were both released this morning so I have those to install. It now means I can use my iPod at its full speed and can finally watch the DVD of Spiderman that I bought a couple of weeks ago from eBay. I’ve seen Spiderman 2 but the first one.
Unfortunately, our network has taken a turn for the worst and as such only two of the four computers on there can actually see each other. We’re not sure what’s up and unfortunately none of us have much time to investigate it. Consequently, I’ll probably be in the university using their wireless connection a bit more, which with the addition of a free hotspot in one of the union bars should make it a more pleasant experience.
While the details haven’t yet been confirmed, I’m probably going to be spending 5 days (Friday through until Tuesday) sat in Leeds-Bradford Airport with a laptop equipped with a 3G wireless card so that students arriving from far flung places can send an email home to say that they arrived safely. And because the company that makes the cards wants some cheap publicity (if all goes to plan they’ll be paying me and someone else via the students’ union to be there), I may well be in the local paper. It also means I won’t have to spend Sunday carrying peoples’ heavy luggage into the halls of residence when everyone moves in 🙂 . incidentally tomorrow it’ll be two years to the day since I moved to Bradford to start at university.
I’m currently at work right now but as you may be able to tell from the flurry of posts to Smaller World there isn’t exactly much going on right now. Still, yay for Bloglines.

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  1. OK. The Thunderbird link is broken. It links to /produts/thunderbird so you’ll need to fix that…