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Faster than you can say “scum of the earth”

For some reason the CD for Windows 2000, which I thought was unusable, seemd to work fine when upgrading from 98 to 2000. So the server is now running on W2K and the internet actually works – unfortunately, right now we can’t get ICS working so only this computer can use it. File and Print sharing seems to work okay though, for some reason. Nevermind, after SP4 was installed and the option was turned back on everything works fine.
Anyway, somehow in the time it took to install SP4 on here, the machine got infected with some kind of spyware which pops up seemingly random adverts every 30 seconds or so. The fact that it happened so quickly is one that I found immensely scary.
In any case, the system is getting the usual treatment, with all the necessary critical updates being installed and a thorough clean with Spybot on the way. But if a system like this can get infected so quickly then something is seriously wrong.


  1. Hmmm – thats not right. Either you got a virus if the machine was connected to the internet whilst you downloaded sp4 OR someone has been using the machine to surf dodgy websites or loaded dodgy software on the server. There is no way that popups would start appearing on a server if its *just* being used as a gateway and has all the critical updates installed.
    However if it was used to surf to other websites then all bets are off..

  2. Well, there probably was some web browsing, but to knowhere dodgy.

  3. yeah yeah, thats what they all say 🙂

  4. Mind bloggling. I download a service pack last night from the MS website in the midst of installing the website informed me that the update would leave my system compromised and that I should update the update. Eh? why release a patch that needs patching. Crazy.