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Going dynamic with MT

If you’re debating over whether to make some of your Movable Type pages dynamic, have a read of this guide by Phil Ringnalda. It explains how it works in a non-technical way and how users on the front-end will see very little difference between the static and dynamic output. It’s a must-read.


  1. Well have YOU gone dynamic yet? I can’t tell. My problem with it (thus far) is that my system hosts about 12 blogs in different folders and different “virtual” servers, all running on IIS 6 (Win2k3).
    The .php includes aren’t specified correctly and a lot of manual copying takes place in order to get everything set up. Though I’m only using it on an experimental basis thus far… we’ll see how it goes.
    Your MT 3.1 tips were helpful though!

  2. As I said in some other posts – yes, I have gone dynamic, partly. I didn’t convert all pages for the reasons I’ve given but quite a number have been done. And the whole idea is that you can’t tell whether they’re dynamic or not 🙂 .