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  1. for a gmail invite, post me to [email removed]
    Thank you,
    un saludo desde Lanzarote

  2. Fancy helping me get rid of 30+ invites? 🙂
    It is odd how there are almost no invites for a month or two, and then all of a sudden, people are getting loads and loads of invites almost on a daily basis.

  3. Hello!
    Your article on ‘More on new Firefox features’ (July 13th) was great – have there been any more recent updates?
    Oh, and could I have a GMail invite please 🙂

  4. i want one of these invitations…thanks neil.

  5. hi

  6. I’ve got 11 invites to get rid of 🙂

  7. I’ve got 6 Gmail invites available for the asking.

  8. please
    can i have a invitation

  9. Gmail Invites

    5 Gmail invites up for grabs