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Popup fixes

Woohoo! Bug 101190 has been fixed!
Throughout the 2 years I have been using Mozilla products, this has been by far the most annoying bug. It causes user-initiated (i.e. nice) popups to be surpressed if the page is still loading. All that the user sees is the ‘popup blocked’ icon appear, and if the page is one of those that takes 5 minutes to load because of a server problem, you can only view that popup if you enable that site to show popups. It also affects opening Bookmarklets, like MT’s QuickPost, while the page is still loading.
Bring on Firefox 1.0PR!


  1. Sweet…
    Now all the plugs need to be updated for 1.0PR…

  2. Finally! It’s about time – that had to be the most annoying bug in Firefox.