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Update (6th Feb 2006): has ceased trading pending closure by the government.

Now this is interesting. Two comments were posted a couple of minutes apart to the article I wrote on Tuesday about The first one seemed alright – maybe someone who’d had a good experience with the company and felt my criticism was unfair. It happens.
But the second made me go “hmmm”. It started quoting figures like how many customers the company had – not something that would be common knowledge – along with how many Glasto tickets were sold – again, not something you’d generally know. Unless you worked for the company.

The plot got fishier when I looked at the IP addresses. They were only different by one digit at the end, so they’d come from the same network. I then used RIPE’s WHOIS tool to probe the IP address, and here’s what I got. Both IP addresses were from a range owned by – guess who? – ltd, the company owning the site.


  1. haha, bunch of cowboys.
    looks like the same broken english that the guy on tv was using…

  2. Hoho fantastic, what a group of losers.
    Just the fact that thet were lame enough to post says it all really.