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Picture of my 'dude' If you liked Weemee but weren’t so keen on its Microsoft links, then how about trying DudeFactory? It allows you to create an avatar – or “dude” – of yourself, for use on instant messaging networks, forums or as a wallpaper on your desktop or mobile phone. In true Blue Peter, here’s one I made earlier, over on the left. You can also create a “dudette” should you be more femininely-inclined.
Designing your dude is free but you do have to pay £1 to be able to do anything with it – while designing the image is watermarked to make sure you don’t hit Print Screen (I believe Weemee now does this too). Payment is via text message, credit card or PayPal, and once you’ve paid you get a PIN number for your dude and some help with doing something with it, along with the image. The company gave me a couple of free PIN numbers so I’ve had a little play.
I’d probably say it’s better than Weemee as the images aren’t so stupidly cute – you can give yourself a huge chin, for example. The downer is that you need to save the images quickly after paying for them as they’re deleted after 7 days – and should you lose them, you’ll have to create and then pay for them again. But should you recommend 3 friends to the site then you’ll get a free PIN for yourself, so you could create another one for free.


  1. Sweet although I think mine is better :-P.

  2. Neil! All that alchol will damage your liver!