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In a comment, Ciaran mentions that the company behind is actually called – yet appears to be another company altogether. He also mentions the recent (and now resolved) fiasco over and how an unrelated book was published under that name.
Well, anyway, it reminded me of a van I saw yesterday morning on the way into work. It was for a company selling windows (as in the panes of glass that houses have). But the company was called
Why? redirects you to the Microsoft Windows home page on It seems rather stupid to me that a company with nothing to do with Microsoft should use one of their domains as their company name, especially as Windows is a registered trademark (i.e. they’re not going to be able to sue Microsoft to get it). Sticking .com on your name when you don’t have a website isn’t cool. It may have been in 1999 when the internet was new and funky, but not now.
I just wish I’d had a camera at the time so that I could show a photo to you.


  1. I guess eWindows would be a better name, but perhaps their, unbeknownst to them, Microsoft-funded lawyers advised against it ;-).

  2. Similarly, one of my local kebab shops (which only opened this year) is called…

  3. There was a bar/club back home called SimCity and on their posters around town it said Simcity.Com which is of course the website of the Maxis game “SimCity”. Silly people. The bar didn’t last for long. I don’t know what it’s called now. Probably Fark or something like that 🙂