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Since I’m only using this machine temporarily there’s no real point in installing FeedDemon for just a few days. So for the time being I’m using Bloglines, and I have to say I’m very impressed with it. I can now see why so many people use it instead of a desktop aggregator. Here are my public subscriptions.
On a totally unrelated note I just received some spam saying that I’d contacted “us” (who?) about a “home financial situation” and that there was “a mishap with our database”. I therefore need to “copy and paste the address below into your browser” – except there was no address…
In any case, it got a SpamAssassin score of 23.9 – it would have been higher but its Bayesian filter took off 0.9 points because it was only 39% likely to be spam. Probably because they forgot the URL.


  1. Welcome to our world. Once you use something like Bloglines, it’s hard to stay committed to feed readers that have to be downloaded and installed. At least, that’s what happened to me. I have 2 primary areas where I read my feeds, at home and at work, and Bloglines ensures that I don’t have to read what I’ve read over again. (Oh a good question that I have now is whether FeedDemon does this – if it does, that’s very nice – and I assume that would mean centralization of your subscriptions.)

  2. Now that you’re reading yourself in Bloglines, and will thus be seeing your entries becoming invisibly new again as the comment count in the (not displayed) description element changes, are you likely to take it out of there? 😉

  3. I don’t understand why anyone would want to use a desktop feed reader when Bloglines does such a great job!
    Glad to see you are giving it a try again. Maybe it will convince you to stick around. 🙂

  4. I was using Feed On Feeds but I had a couple of dodgy feeds that it couldn’t read (bad characters) so I moved to Bloglines and haven’t looked back since.

  5. So that’s why that’s happening!
    Bloglines is awesome for those of us who use multiple computers (and multiple operating systems on the same computer!)

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    I have to agree with Neil. I just tried out Bloglines, a web-based RSS feed reader, and I really enjoy it. I have tried some feed-reader programs lately but I don’t use them. Don’t know why, I still have a…