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Even more invitations

5 more invitations up for grabs. Drop a comment or an email to me with your email address and full name.
All invitations are now gone.
It’s also Google’s 6th birthday today! Happy Birthday Google, the internet is a much better place thanks to you 🙂 .


  1. Yes please!

  2. I hope it wasn’t mine! My autofill remembered what I typed before and is a proper address for me. Can an invitation be resent?

  3. I’m afraid it was you, Rick 🙁 . The email address you’ve supplied on both comments above apparently doesn’t exist (the emails bounce). You don’t have another one I can use, do you?

  4. please
    I need Gmail
    please send me an invitation

  5. Can I have one, please?

  6. Neil, the invite isn’t actually wasted, you can just copy and past the invite URL out of the bounced mail.

  7. G mail please!

  8. Thank you


        Ontem consegui finalmente, uma conta Gmail. Como sabem o serviço ainda não está disponível a todos, funcionando apenas por convite. Tenho pois que agradecer a Neil Turner a gentileza de me ter enviado um convite.    Depois de navegar pelo…