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Update (6th Feb 2006): has ceased trading pending closure by the government.

I occasionally watch Watchdog on BBC1 because it can be interesting and sometimes offers useful advice. Today was one of those days, and while normally it’s nothing special, there was one company that was so ridiculous I actually felt it worthy of an entry on here.
The company is, which has a website which sells ‘front row’ tickets at a premium (more information here). Often, it sells tickets long after they sell out – presumably because they have bought them beforehand and then can sell them on at a higher price. Like a ticket tout, but more respectable I suppose.

Except this year they were selling Glastonbury tickets at around £240 – about double the normal price. No problem you may think. But the tickets for Glastonbury had your name on them, and when entering Glasto you needed to show the ticket and some proof of ID to prove you were the person named on the ticket. So this company buys tickets in advance with someone else’s name on, and then sells them on with ID – possibly faked – to people so that they can get in. So maybe they’re not so repectable.

But it gets better. The show invited the company’s boss on for an interview, who, rather than doing the usual “yes, we made a mistake and we’ll refund everyone etc.” speech that most spokespeople do in that situation, actually defended the company’s actions. IANAL, but that selling fake ID sounds rather illegal to me.

They’re also selling tickets for all of next year’s festivals, even Reading and Leeds which was only last weekend, and many of those, Glasto included, haven’t even been confirmed for next year. I’d rather not pay £240 for a ticket to an event that may not even happen.

Update: Employees of have been posting positive comments under false guises below. These have been highlighted. More information.


  1. One thing I find really interesting is that their company name is actually Ltd (from their Terms and Conditions), but their address is – as far as I can tell, belongs to a different company. This alone could be cause for some sort of suit against them, even if it’s not related to the Glastonbury stuff.
    I mean, no-one can deny nowadays that the only reason a company would use “.com” in their name would be because they’re referring to an Internet site. It just doesn’t make sense to use it as just “something to put in the name”, because it would confuse their customers.
    This reminds me of the whole fiasco. There was a book named that when the domain was actually in use. The book name has changed now, but for a while it was touch-and-go whether they would. Eugh.

  2. To be fair, I was offered Leeds festival tickets for 2005 by a respectable company who I always get tickets from online. The deal was, I buy now at this years prices to avoid a price rise. So it’s not as ridiculous as it seems 🙂

  3. On an off chance I too watched Watchdog on TV and it was interesting to see the MD of justifying everything that they did. He just seemed to convey that what his company was doing was right and even fair ! I would have thought it was an arrest-able offence when you are asked to pretend to be someone else like the couple who bought the tickets for Glastonbury and was handed other people’s ID !
    AS far as I know have not taken down their site now. It’s a shame that people now fall for these things because all these companies seem so genuine online (even though I pretty much shop for everything online.)

  4. Editor Note: The following comment appears to have been made by a employee under a false guise. More info.
    I just want to say that I also watch watchdog on BBC1 and I also bought ticket for Glasto from GetMetTickets.Net and I must say that I got in with the agent’s name and my ID without any problems at all.
    I think is too bad when some people talk about others without any previous knowledge of what they are actually saying.
    I love concerts, as I love music, and I usually buy tickets online from different sites and getmetickets is one of the best not only in price also in the service offered.
    T. O’Brienn

  5. Editor Note: The following comment appears to have been made by a employee under a false guise. More info.
    The company was registerd as ltd before the american company bought the domain name and they are in the process buying that doman name and also looking into the legal issues as what the american comapany has done is unacceptable.
    I know for a fact that they do not make fake id’s insted they buy the tickets from anyone who wants to sell their original tickets with their original id to ltd to make a profit or if they are unable to attend the festival themselves, this then passed to their customers.
    The compant has been around for over 4 years and last year alone they had over 20,000 customers. They sold over 500 glastonbury tickets last year and every person who did not get in was given full refund!!!!!!!!!! (only a small percentage did not get the tickets)
    Any foolish person should know if a product is bought with a credit card the company has a legal obligation to provide the goods or full money back and company will not survive if they rip people off!!!

  6. Getmeticekts also trade on ebay with the user id mj_kop and as you can see from the feedback that they have received on ebay they do appear to be having some difficulty supplying their customers with tickets.
    (Sorry I don’t know how to do HTML links so you will have to copy and paste)
    One example appears to be with the recent LEEDS festival. ebay item #2260517282
    Below are a few of the Negative comments that they have received.
    2) “Payment made on the 9th, ended up having to personally pick up ticket on 26th” Leeds festival started on the 27th and most people arrive on the 26th!
    3) got my ticket but getting it was very poor!!had to wait 2hours 4miles from fest!
    It appears that they let a lot of people down this year with Glastonbury festival.
    One of the many sad stoires left on the Glastonbury message board was a very sad story that was left by a not very Happy Kat and can be found on the Glastonbury message boards.
    It would appear that when advertises tickets on their site they do not have the tickets in the first place.
    Instead they often go straight to ebay and buy the tickets from there as needed.
    I suspect that Getmetickets has a policy of selling as many tickets as they can and then they try and by them at a later stage on the “Black-market” or if they can’t deliver then they just refund the money which costs Getmetickets nothing.
    Unfortunately it appears that they do not care that it may of cost their customers a lot of money in flights and Accommodation to get to a concert venue and then to find that they will not receive any tickets.
    It will be interesting to see what Watchdog has to say at the end of the series as they usually do an update of the years programs then.

  7. Katie Melua tickets on ebay £40 each.
    Are these the same Katie Melua that Getmetickets purchased on ebay and are now £145 each at

  8. Editor Note: The following comment appears to have been made by a employee under a false guise. More info.
    They are the largest independent ticket company in uk and ireland and as we all know with sucess comes bad publicity too and the fact they will continue to be sucessful is that they do sell large number of tickets and there are a lot of repeat customers.
    As in any business some customers are let down but people do not have any other choice when a concert is totally sold out!!.
    At least getmetickets will get you a ticket or full money back which is not a bad risk to take!.
    As Lara clearly pointed out looking at the feed back from e-bay that says it all.
    Out of tens of thousands of customers the small unhappy ones make this comapny look bad!.
    Noone has forced anyone to buy from this company, they clearly stated on their website that their prices are very expensive it is up to an individual whether to buy or not go to the concert.
    They are just providing a service and they should not be hated by us, they are not conning anyone!!!

  9. Getmetickets are real scum. They’re ruining live music, the law should stop these touts from ripping off consumers. This cowboy outfit deserves to be shutdown and the dickhead they put on watchdog should be locked up.

  10. To the person above, defending the company and claiming to love music and concrts: if you loved them so much you wouldn’t use ticket touts charging at obscene amounts.

  11. Jamie
    You don’t happen to work for Getmetickets do you?
    How do you know that they are the largest independent ticket company in uk and ireland.
    It is only Getmetickets who say this!
    You also say “Out of tens of thousands of customers the small unhappy ones make this company look bad!. ”
    What about the customer who flew in from Zimbabwe for a concert for front row seats and never received them! Do you not think that this is just poor service.
    Getmetickets must of known well in advance that they may not be able to get the tickets and fulfil the persons order. Instead of contacting the customer and letting them know they left it until the evening of the concert!
    Did you read any of the posts on the Glastonbury website about all the orders that they were unable to fulfil. they didn’t bother to let these people know until the day before the festival. Why do you think they left it so late!
    I bet that there are a lot of other people that they have let down that you will not read about as these people do not post on internet chat boards!
    Take a look at the feedback of Getrmetickets on ebay to see how they let people down with tickets for Leeds festival this year.
    You are correct is saying “No one has forced anyone to buy from this company, they clearly stated on their website that their prices are very expensive it is up to an individual whether to buy or not go to the concert.”
    That is fair enough to say, but it is not on charging high prices and then not been able to fulfil the order or waiting until the evening of an event to tell people this after they may of spent a lot of money on flights and accommodation getting to the event.
    You also sate “They are just providing a service and they should not be hated by us, they are not conning anyone!!!”
    Surely by failing to deliver to just one person, is not providing a service. Do you not think that leaving it till the evening of a show before informing the customer that they will not receive their tickets as highlighted in the Watchdog program is basically conning the customer?
    See below for another post from the Glastonbury website of another customer that they let down earlier this year.
    P.S I wonder what company Michael Eavis has asked the police to investigate, regarding the fact that 500 Glastonbury tickets may of been forged?

  12. I have just noticed that getmetickets are selling 2005 Kylie Minogue tickets (some for £777 EACH) when the tickets haven’t even gone on sale yet. Even at the venue…. what gives??

  13. getmetickets i wish id read your article as i brought 2 u2 tickets but if id checked u2 offical site out there are no tour dates decided yet i posted neg comments on e bay but mj kop has just made rude and offensive comments ive rang company re fact they are committing a fraud how can you sell tickets for an event thats not a definate.also told e bay and now trying to get my money back

  14. Hi is anyone else having problems receiving their Lionel Ritchie tickets for Manchester on Thursday 28th October i think i have been ripped of because i have been told that i can collect my tickets on the night of the event but have to wait until Wednesday to find out more information regarding the collection of my tickets guess who the company is, yes its GETMETICKETS any advice or comments would be welcomed


  16. we too have been messed around by getmetickets.after trying to sort out why we hadnt received our tickets the blame was put down to my credit card which after talking to my card company they informed me that the problem wasnt anything to do with this.trying to explain this back to getmetickets was a waste of can this company still be aloud to sell tickets when so many people have been let down