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The hideously belated FridayQ: Funny

I’m not very good at this – this is the second time I’ve been late for the FridayQ and it’s now Sunday too. Hopefully I’ll be able to actually do it on Friday next week. Anyway, this week’s questions are all about amusement:

FQ1: What’s something you find humorous, but probably shouldn’t?

The underclass of British society – or “chav scum” to be less politically correct. I blame the hilarious ChavScum site for this. There’s just something about those that spend all their money on designer shell suits, Burberry baseball caps, bling jewellery and souped up Vauxhall Novas and yet still live on a council estate that I find rather amusing. Even though I shouldn’t.

FQ2: What’s something that others find funny, but you don’t?

The Office. Maybe I didn’t watch it enough, or maybe I haven’t spent long enough working in an office to understand some of the jokes. The inverse of this would be Peter Kay – while myself and others find it hilarious, some people don’t get him at all. It’s probably a Northern thing.

FQ3: What actor/comedian/personality always makes you laugh? What movie? What book?

I’ve always liked Linda Smith who is a very funny woman, but there are so many good stand-up comedians to choose from I’d have difficulty choosing. Same with actors, I suppose.
I finally saw Galaxy Quest this week and that was quite good. Spaceballs was very funny and I really liked the South Park film – it was much better than the TV series, in my opinion.
Just about anything by Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett.

FQ Stand-Up: Tell us a joke or funny story.

Here’s a really bad one I heard on Friday:

Why do anteaters eat ants?
Beacuse of the Trade Descriptions Act.

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  1. Gah! How could I have forgotten about Douglas Adams on my FridayQ? It’s not like I’ve met him twice, have signed editions of all his books, and have re-read Hitchhikers dozens of times or anything like that.