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Building at the speed of sound

I have now decided to upgrade to Movable Type 3.11 since it doesn’t seem to have the major problems that the 3.1 release had that I read about. And, indeed, it seems to work fine, bar some Perl errors with MT-Blacklist.
I’ve also implemeted dynamic publishing for a number of the templates – namely the category pages and their feeds, the comments RSS feeds and the daily archives. They are almost unchanged – the only difference is that, depending on how your aggregator works, trackback pings may appear separately from comments in the comments RSS feeds, and word counts are no longer shown. This is because the plugins which provide the old functionality have not been updated to support the dynamic templating feature so I’ve had to strip them out for now.
Because rebuilding categories slows MT down so much, to have this built dynamically should make posting entries much faster for me. I’ve also enabled caching and conditional requests, which means that requesting the pages shouldn’t be much slower for you either.
For now, all other templates, including the indexes, main feeds and individual entry pages, will remain static, as these are the files which are requested the most. Please let me know of any issues, but as far as I can tell, everything appears to be working fine.

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