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Blair backs Kerry

Something that apparently didn’t get picked up elsewhere is that over here, Tony Blair’s government have quietly announced that they are backing Kerry in the US presidential elections. The announcement was from Peter Hain who is chair of the House of Commons, and only really appeared in the Guardian and The Scotsman.
This is interesting, particular as Blair is supposed to be “shoulder-to-shoulder” with Bush over areas like terror and Iraq. But then the Republican party is a right-wing party whereas the Democrats and Blair’s Labour party are (at least historically) more left-wing, so it would make more sense for Labour to back the Democrats in the way they did when Clinton was in power.
(On a related note, get well soon, Bill)
So well done for the British government for seeing the light, finally, although I think this may be more to do with Michael Howard, leader of the right-wing opposing Conservative party here, being snubbed by the Republicans. By choosing Kerry, Howard is somewhat mroe stuck for options. But let’s hope that this decision to support Kerry bears fruit.


  1. Interesting that they report that Blair would support Kerry. I guess it’s interesting that he would do such a thing.
    Nevertheless, your site’s templates rock!

  2. Here here! (let’s hope that this decision to support Kerry bears fruit)

  3. one thing thougth, tony blair is a lyer and always will be,
    he will probably obey every command of whoever is elected in america,
    like war in iraq
    like moving the blackwatch
    wich will make us even less popular with the e.u