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HD Failure, day 3

Ben, Mike and Hanni have all volunteered to help moderate comments. They’re all in different time zones too, which is a plus 🙂 . Go and read their sites as they’re likely to be far more interesting than mine for the moment. As for here, I don’t think I need any more help right now though – four of us is enough, I think. 🙂
The exam this morning went okay, better than I expected, so hopefully I’ll have passed it this time. As for the laptop, DHL are picking it up from my mum’s office on Monday and it should be fixed within a week or two, so I’ll be back on before the start of term when I really will need a machine of my own. Which is a relief.

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  1. A week or two?!? Wow! Too bad it isn’t a desktop where they just send you a new hard drive and you replace it yourself. Well, whatever it takes I guess.