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Anxious wait

My iPod Mini is tantalisingly close. According to the order page, it’s waiting at a freight terminal about half an hour’s drive from here, but it hasn’t yet been put out for delivery. Unfortunately, I have to set off back to Bradford in less than an hour’s time so unless I’m especially lucky it won’t get here until after I’ve gone 🙁 .
On the plus side, should it arrive this week, I’ll be able to have it at the weekend when I’m back in York again. I didn’t intend to be in York this much but that’s how things have panned out. But right now I need to be in Bradford to sort some stuff out (and do an exam) so I can’t stay here any longer.
Update: Bollocks. I’m back in Bradford now and checking the status page it’s now out for delivery. Looks like I may have only missed it by a few hours. Darnit…


  1. That must be really frustrating!

  2. You should have stormed the facility!

  3. Hope you enjoy your iPod mini when you get it. My iPod arrived today and it’s FABULOUS! I was all set to get a mini too, then they redesigned the regular iPod and I fell in love with it. Oh!