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Comment moderation

Comments from non-TypeKey commenters are now moderated. This is a temporary measure in the hope that “Jebus”, a troll who has nothing better to do than accuse me of sodomy and waste my bandwidth, might get the message and leave me alone. I’ve banned his IP but I think we all know how ineffective IP banning is these days, and I don’t want to block all BT Broadband users.
Sorry to all you non-TypeKey users. Hopefully this will be a temporary situation.


  1. Actually, by banning the IP you did, at some point in time in the future, you might be blocking a different user.
    I think it’s possible to block him by putting something in your .htaccess file that keys off something he puts in his post.
    Personally, I think comment moderation is a fine solution to the problem of users who post comments that are not really comments but either spam or garbage. I’m currently not getting enough to worry about it yet, but if I do, that’s the direction I’ll go.

  2. I don’t find it objectionable at all. I’ve had comment moderation for non typekey users running since upgrading to mt 3.0

  3. I don’t like it, but then again I have access to the moderation queue 🙂 (or at least I did).
    Seriously though – I don’t think its too much of a problem to moderate the posts, although it causes more work for Neil (if you still want me to help in moderating then let me know Neil)

  4. Actually, I’ve turned it off already (as you may have noticed). The problem seems to have gone away now.
    Andy: no, you don’t still have access. That was for the comment moderation hack that I phased out some time ago.
    Update: Ugh, back on again. I’m really sorry I have to put you guys at a disadvantage just because one person has a maturity problem.

  5. oh well – guess i’ll have to look at this typekey thingie then 🙂

  6. Be warned that I have had the e-mail address I used with TypeKey get spam. It’s supposed to be secure, yet within a month of signing up, I was receiving spam on the address.
    I would suggest just staying away from them.

  7. You could modify the comments file in MT to check if the comment contains certain words (I did this on mine: sort of primitive MT-Blacklist) and if so, just deny the posting. It’ll work if the spammer uses the same characteristics (same name? same abusive words used?), but if they start ‘getting smart’ then it’ll fail…

  8. Already tried that. MT-Blacklist has an option that lets you force moderation for certain words. Unfortunately the idiot seems to have worked around that. 🙁
    He’s also tried using TypeKey but I’ve blocked his account from posting here. Sure he could create a new TypeKey account but hopefully sooner or later he’ll realise just how much of his own time he’s wasting and give up.

  9. Do you really think he cares how much time he wastes? It’s what people like that do. They don’t go out into the world or date/have a wife, etc…
    I started getting referral SPAM from someone specific. I’m sure it was because I disagreed with his political views. Almost to the second I posted a comment on a blog, I got hit with referral SPAM specific to the topic on that blog. Fortunately, there are not that many places one can to go spam sites with referrals, so it wasn’t too hard to deal with and he only came up with two strings to SPAM my site with. So I dealt with it fairly quickly. A couple of days later they stopped completely. That person must actually have a life.
    Other than moderation, I really can’t think of any sure fire way of stopping the person.
    I don’t really see it as an inconvince to post a comment and have it appear some time later. It’s mostly a sign of the times.