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Updated Firefox

This isn’t a particularly interesting post to most of you, other than that I finally downloaded another Firefox nightly. Until today I’d been using an August 12th nightly, and this was the first time I’d updated since the ‘feature seepage‘ happened. Consequently, the stylesheet switching, bookmark notification and offline working functions are gone from this release.
Other changes I’ve noticed is that the ‘tell a friend’ feature has gone after less than a month, although ‘Promote Firefox’ is still there. On the ‘View’ menu, there’s now a ‘Text Size’ submenu which has the ‘increase’ and ‘decrease’ options, but also now a ‘Normal’ option for quickly returning the text size back to normal. This was a feature in Mozilla that was sorely missing from Firefox and I’m pleased to see it be added. There’s also a keyboard shortcut for it – Ctrl+0. Finally, the quicksearch box now includes eBay, Amazon, Yahoo and as well as Google, which makes it far more useful.
Update: Be careful with this build. I had to rebuild my profile as otherwise Firefox would crash if you used the quicksearch box. Update again: This is a bug and it’s fixed in today’s build.
I’m now no longer using Tabbrowser Extensions in Firefox, instead using these three separate extensions:

  1. Mini-T – allows you to re-arrange tabs using drag+drop
  2. Tabbrowser Preferences – adds various advanced options for working with tabs
  3. Undo Close Tab – adds an ‘Undo close tab’ item to the tab context menu to re-open the last closed tab in case you closed it by mistake

The main reason why I’ve made the change is because TBE was always buggy, and as soon as one bug got fixed another one cropped up. With having three extensions which do the same job, I can disable one without losing the functionality of the others. That said, I do miss the Ctrl+Shift+Z keyboard combo for re-opening closed tabs – hopefully Undo Close Tab will add that in a future release.
Finally, if it interests you, my current theme is still Phoenity, with the Office XP look, Cute menus and tabs-as-buttons hacks. I’m still using Charamel in Thunderbird.


  1. I switched to the new build, after using the 0.93 version for a while, few days ago. I’m not so happy about this build (20040827) Why? Mainly that the Download Manager no longer works. It was one of my favorite extensions. Also the new “protection” system, that blocks installing the extensions by default is annoying. The missing style sheet switcher is not such a problem for me, since I’m using the Web Designer extension (one of the best extension ever made). I also noticed a small bug so far. The new function that shows whether there are any new updates doesn’t work properly. It shows that there is an update to FF 1.0PR, but it update doesn’t work.

  2. I’m looking around for the syntax to the Firefox Quicksearch for eBay. If you have it, could you send it on to me? Thanks.

  3. how do you access the quicksearch box in firefox?
    i know there is an ebay quicksearch , but i dont know there was a box for it, how can i look at it
    oh and btw thres is no string for ebay quicksearch it is a plugin and you can look at it in:
    \Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\eBay.src
    (in windows it is in your program files)