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It’s been nearly 2 years since I bought this domain and so the time came to renew it. The renewal appears to have gone through okay as the WHOIS record now suggests that it won’t need renewing until September 2006. Including VAT, renewing the domain only cost a little under £10, which is good as I’ve heard some registrars charge extortionate amounts for domain renewals.
If you’re interested, it’s currently costing me around £5.40 per month to run this site – that’s approximately £60 per year for hosting and £10 every two years to keep the domain. It’s partly why I haven’t yet started placing advertising on here – donations are keeping the site going with no problems, although I may consider some Google AdSense adverts on the right-hand side in future to bring in a few more pennies.
On an unrelated note, Apple brought forward the shipping date for my iPod Mini, which therefore means it should be with me sometime this week. The Bank Holiday weekend means that it won’t be here until Tuesday at the earliest though. I’m back in York this weekend to spend a bit of time with my parents and catch up with my friends from college – while I feel lucky to have so many friends at Bradford it’s great to see my old mates again, some of whom I’ve known for over a decade and a half now. incidentally while I was here I upgraded my parents’ PC and my dad’s laptop to XP SP2 and they both took the update fine with no problems.


  1. Hi neil
    when you need to renew the domain may I suggest you try
    I pay less than £2 per year for and

  2. Thanks, I’ll bear that in mind when I next renew it in 2 years time…

  3. Ooh your iPod mini is coming! Exciting isn’t it? Heh. I’m still loving mine after more than 2 weeks of seeing and listening to it everyday.
    As for hosting, I pay USD19.95/month starting this month and that’s pretty hefty to offset. I’m glad I got some ad placements that made the bill easier to swallow.

  4. Yay for York! York is the best city in the country without a doubt (if only because I live there).
    Has SP2 been officially released now? What’s the chance of Microsoft sending a free upgrade CD to all XP customers? Since they’re all registered and all. Probably zilch right?
    And yay for the Ipod Mini. I want one but I treated myself to an Xbox instead. Silly me!