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The Google Store

As reported on the Google Blog, the Google Store has had a makeover and now caters better for non-US residents. There’s a greater range of stock and more payment options added, including PayPal, which in my mind is a good move. Here’s why:
A few weeks ago I was sat with my boss in Starbucks in Leeds. He was typing in his credit card details to pay for T-Mobile’s hideously-overpriced wireless internet access, and was wondering if there was something easier than typing the same number and details every time you want to buy anything from any e-commerce site. PayPal is the nearest thing we have right now to that – it remembers the details of cards and bank accounts you add to your PP account, so all you need to know is your email address and PP password. That’s a lot memoroable than a seemingly random string of 16 digits plus an expiry date, issue number and security code. It’s the same reason why I like TypeKey as a sign-in service – it’s one sign-in system for many sites, and if you have a browser which remembers your username and password for you it takes even less effort.
But I digress. The real reason for this post was that I was about to buy a Blogger t-shirt, which only cost £6 in the store. Then, I proceeded to the checkout, filled out my details and got to the confirmation screen. By this time it had adding international shipping (£3.50) and VAT (£2.25), so the actual price was £11.75 – a 96% increase on the base price. Oh well, maybe I’ll consider it another day. There is some good (and also some very tacky-looking) stuff in there if you want to take a look.


  1. Sheesh! £11 from £6? Mhmph.

  2. Yee, and the worst is that you get to know the exact price only after you have submitted all your personal details in the payment form