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Mega mould

There’s been some washing up in the kitchen that hasn’t been touched since Wednesday for one reason or another, namely because the person who created the mess never got around to wash it and I hadn’t got around to begrudgingly doing it until today. When I got to the pan at the bottom of the pile, this was what I was greeted with:
A pan with a huge lump of mould on it
Nice. I cleaned that up pretty quickly after taking that photo.


  1. It would be if I was American 🙂 . We Brits like to add an extra ‘u’, for some reason.

  2. Nope them yanks take away the ‘u’ for some reason!

  3. I REALLY hate it when housemates leave the washing up for me to do. They know I’ll do it eventually because A) It needs to be done and B) I like a (fairly) clean kitchen. But things like that really get on my nerves. (end of rant)