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Photographic eye

Beach party

You may remember the beach party back in June, which I waxed lyrical about for a few days and then nothing. I took around 170 photos over the two days (a total of 130MB) and still haven’t really got around to sorting them.

Anyway, the student union were given copies of my photos (since I was effectively their photographer) and the good news is that three of them have already been used in union propaganda publicity material, in the form of a leaflet given out to prospective students introducing the union and what it does. Surprisingly enough, student unions are somewhat more than a cheap source of alcohol.

You can have a look at scaled-down versions of the originals: 1, 2, 3. incidentally those were taken quite late in the day when the sun finally came out.

I’ll also show you 10 other photos that I took on the Friday which I think are pretty good:

Update: Most of these are now on Flickr.


  1. Were these taken with your Minolta Dimage E323? If so, did you have to adjust the colors? It’s surprising how true the colors look in your photos… on both my Canon and Sony digitals, the reds and greens are always too heavy, and I have to go in and desaturate them a bit. For example, the trees in your “bouncers” shot from my Sony would be nearly the color of the flourescent green in the squirt gun. The “duck” shot from my Canon would be +glowing+ nuclear red and have to be fixed.

  2. I didn’t actually. I just used the default settings, which seem to work fine. I sometimes have to alter the light settings when talking photos indoors, but other than a bit of resizing those photos have not been modified in any way.

  3. That duck looks evil!

  4. Did you ask them to pose for that 3rd shot? Kinda cool that *everyone* is looking into the camera 🙂