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New 404 page

Mike Wills over at Koldark’s Komputer World has been sorting out his 404 and redirects page recently, and Jesse Ruderman has a new 404 page, so I decided it was about time I did some surgery on mine.
The page fitted the general look of the site, and explained that the page was missing and gave a couple of reasons why. It then asked people to email me if they thought the page really should be there (that’s been there over a year now and to date no-one has bothered) and offered a link to the advanced search page.
In my changes today, I replaced the link to the advanced search page which a simple search form – the advanced search is above and beyond what the majority of users will need so this should improve usability. There’s now also a link to the home page and I used Server Side Includes to add the main navigation bar, again giving the user more destinations to go to (incidentally that page I linked to is a great guide to SSI). Finally, a bit more SSI provides the ‘error report’ at the bottom which users who find errors can email me, if they ever do.
You can see the new page here. I might do the same for my 410 error page since I still get several thousand hits for deleted pages every month.

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