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I’ve just spent a few minutes going through the list of URLs that generated a 404 error on this domain over the past month and adding redirects to my .htaccess file where necessary. Some were caused by misguided crawlers attempting to guess the name of my RSS feeds (use autodiscovery, dammit!), others were files that I’d since renamed but not updated all references to. Either way, the changes should mean I get a few less errors, and I’m posting this a suggestion for others to do if they have a bit of free time 🙂 .


  1. I use Error Robot, it emails me when a 404 occurs on any of the sites I’ve set it up on. It was a bit crazy at the start but once I fixed the initial spate of errors, it’s been invaluable at pointing out my mistakes early.

  2. Oh god. You’ve reminded me! Mine could be rather numerous.