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Manic day

Exam results came out this morning, so as you can imagine, the clearing phone line was busy like you wouldn’t believe. Between 8:30am and around 5pm, we fielded not far off 2000 calls from students/their parents/teachers. 800 of those were before 12pm.
During the heavy periods, the phone would ring again as soon as you hung up, giving you barely any time to breathe never mind clearing your screen for the next call – in total, I dealt with at least 40 calls throughout the day. While we had to turn away some, since they hadn’t got anything near what we wanted, we were able to put many students through and hopefully most of them will have been able to get places.
Tomorrow is another busy day although hopefully not as busy today. That said, with so many calls to deal with, the day flew by. I’m on the lines from 8:30am until 7pm, so it’ll be a bit of a long slog, but 10 hours pay equates to almost £75 so I’m not complaining 🙂
On a related note, the twin sons of someone my mum works with were on the local BBC news earlier – they both got 5 A grades at A-level and are both to do Physics and Maths at the University of York. And yet when they arrived in Britain from Iran at age 8, neither of them could speak English. And the news item was only the second time I’d ever seen the college principal, despite studying at York College myself for 2 years.

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