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Don’t bother with InternetSeer

InternetSeer joins the likes of WebProWorld and NatWest on the list of companies that have annoyed me for one reason or another. In this instance, I had unsubscribed from their weekly marketing-filled emails which briefly told you whether your site was up and how well it was responding – my predecessor at Scrapie had signed up for it and I inherited the email address. With the site being mostly reliable I felt I didn’t need the emails anymore so a few months back I unsubscribed.
And then last week, the emails came back. The account had somehow (not my doing) got re-activated, with my predecessor’s name too. So I’ve unsubscribed again. And with a bit of luck that will be for the final time too.


  1. I have been using them for a couple years. I haven’t recieved those daily reports for months. Hmm… maybe they just had a glitch.

  2. Ah – “good old” Internetseer : cavet emperor (or whatever). Have a look at this WebmasterWorld thread:

    internetseer blatantly exaggerates the amount of time that a site has been down. A recent network outage meant that one of our servers was unreachable for 4 minutes. My own personal site was on that server so I know that it was an absolute maximum of 5 minutes tops. Well, several of my clients then got spammed (yeah, yeah, not strictly spam but certainly “spammy”) by those nice folks at internetseer saying that their sites had been offline for over 5 hours and recommending a new 100% availability hosting service that, you’ve guessed it, internetseer was an affiliate for. I consider this fraud. Lying about a competitor and then attempting to steal their business, what would you call it?

    I’ve heard similiar stories from other users as well (even “Internetseer says my site is down, but I can access it and so can everybody else”).
    InternetSeer’s “standard” price is $99.95/year for 60minute monitoring (which is practically “useless” if you have a commercial site),‘s price is $2.99/month ($35.88/year) for the same thing. And isn’t it “odd” that “InternetSeer is the largest Web site monitoring service in the world” has to partner with a third party company to provide the “Advanced” monitoring service (who don’t actually provide “fixed pricing” unlike Alertra).
    I think you now know my “viewpoint” on Internetseer (who, IMHO, are just a bunch of spammers)