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Liquid prices

After seeing this article about rising fuel prices in Australia (found via Fark), I thought I’d compose a list of liquids and their prices. Because sometimes statistics can be interesting.

Prices of various liquids
Type of liquidCost per litreSource
Tap water0.06pThe Guardian
Tesco Value Cola7pTesco
Volvic mineral water70pSainsbury’s
Petrol (gasoline)81pThe AA
Brecon Carreg mineral water£1.20The Guardian
Carling lager£2.67Student union bar
Smirnoff Vodka£14.99Sainsbury’s
Black printer ink
£156.25Phoenix Inks
Epson black printer ink£875Tesco

So when petrol starts costing more than vodka, we need to really start worrying. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to try to make my printer run on cola.


  1. Nice one. Scary how gasoline is cheaper than the mineral water ;]

  2. Are you sure those prices are correct? Epson black printer ink for