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IT Upgrades

In early September, the university is running a week of seminars to help staff get used to new IT services in the university. This certainly didn’t happen last year, so I assumed that this was because there were some major changes being made.
Indeed, a scouring of the university intranet found that over the summer all campus cluster computers have been upgraded to run Windows XP and Office 2003 – previously they all ran Windows 2000 and Office 2000. The exception to that were the machines in the School of Informatics (where I study) whose Windows machines already ran Windows XP and Office XP, and many also dual-booted to Linux.
We’ve also had upgrades to the main university web server to increase capacity, and the connection with YHMAN and JANet, who provide us with internet, has been improved and will eventually provide us with a gigabit connection to all other universities in the country. We already have a 2Gbps connection to Leeds, York and Sheffield and 1Gbps to Huddersfield via fibre-optic cables, and according to this news item this could go up to 64Gbps.
Makes the 100Mbps network hub we have on order for the house look silly, doesn’t it?

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