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Put your blog on Multimap

MultiMap have just launched a new feature which makes me like them even more. Which, especially since their standards-compliant redesign, is quite a lot already.
Remember GeoURL and how it plotted blogs by location? Well, now Multimap has added a similar feature. You create a link to them with your latitude and longitude in the URL, or if you’re in the UK all or part of your postcode, and it will plot your site’s position on the map within 24 hours. Here’s my link. More information at Clagnut.
[Via Dave’s Rants]


  1. Put your Blog on the map now has a a special category for showing local weblogs on their maps. It is a service much alike GeoURL, that seem to be a bit off these days (never had a chance to try it). To get your blog listed, you simply have to add a link similar…

  2. From a privacy stand-point this worries me a little. Now someone can get to know you very well (from the thoughts and things you publish in your blog) and now they can evne find your street and come to your front door if they wish!
    I’m not a privacy nut (if I was I wouldn’t have a g-mail account or a blog) but I’m not going to use this service.

  3. You don’t have to use your whole postcode. I just used the first half (BD7), which covers quite a large area. If you used your York postcode, people would know which general area of York you lived in but not much more than that.

  4. perfect for your neighbourhood stalker 😉
    The other thing you’d have to watch with things like this is making sure you don’t mention that you are going on holiday AND include your location.
    Even putting in your local postcode and having an unusual surname *could* put your house at risk if you said you were going on holiday – mind you, I’m more likely to get burgled by the nonwebtechie neighbours who see no car in the drive or activity in the house.

  5. Blog location

    Despite the “ooh this is a privacy problem” concern on Neil’s post about putting your blog on Multimap my location (or near enough) is here….