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RSS won’t get you laid

Mark has posted about how he no longer uses an aggregator to keep up with blogs and feeds:

But really, you should ask yourself if you need to keep up with 100 or 200 or 1400 different “sources” of “content” on an hourly basis. Shouldn’t you be spending more time with your family or something? Or, if you don’t have a family, shouldn’t you be spending time building one? RSS won’t get you laid.

I knew I was going wrong somewhere.


  1. Of course the ideal thing would be to use an aggregator AND get laid !
    So I went to tell your source the same thing and couldn’t find his comments link. Shame. So I told you instead.

  2. No wonder I haven’t gotten laid!
    Andy: Mark Pilgrim doesn’t allow comments (normally). It’d probably be too hard for him to manage, heh.

  3. Time to switch tactics

    Hmm, someone has stopped using RSS-feeds entirely:

  4. It’s always good to be ahead of the curve.