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New on the radar

Since the last post was about getting rid of stale channels, it’s probably quite fitting that this one is about various fresh blogs that I’ve started reading recently. It’s been a couple of months since I last did it so here’s some more procrastination material for you. They’re all interesting in one way or another so I’d like to share them.

  • Blogography – Dave2 has been a regular reader here for some time and a couple of weeks back I thought it was about time I read his blog more often. I’m not regretting that decision. Dave’s currently on a tour of Hard Rock Cafes in Europe and hit his 100th in Nottingham this weekend. He got a cake and a signed t-shirt 🙂
  • Chinwags from Abu Dhabi – the author, Arvind, is another MT-B beta tester and a MT junkie – he’s also the guy behind Movalog which is also well-worth a read if Movable Type tickles your fancy.
  • Cutting Through… – because it’s the weblog for the company I work for. Mostly focuses on the subjects of blogging, wikis and feeds.
  • Complete Tosh – the weblog of Neil McIntosh, assistant editor of Guardian Unlimited and one of the people behind OnlineBlog.
  • Redemption in a Blog – I must have linked to this blog several times now but I don’t think I properly endorsed it. Consider this an endorsement, especially if you’re a Mozilla user, as it’s well written and always interesting.

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