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Finding stale channels in FeedDemon

If you’ve been using an aggregator for a long time like I have, you may have found that you have some stale channels that you can probably unsubscribe from. These are channels that haven’t had updates in months and are just taking up space and wasting that site’s bandwidth.
There’s a way of quickly viewing stale feeds in FeedDemon, which is my aggregator of choice. Open up Windows Explorer and browse to C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Local Settings\Application Data\\FeedDemon\1.0\Channels (this folder might be elsewhere if you don’t have Windows 2000 or XP), select Details view and then sort by Date Modified. Those that have gone stale will have the oldest dates – all you have to do is find them in FeedDemon and unsubscribe from them.
incidentally, one feed I just unsubscribed from hadn’t been updated since February.

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