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Mozilla Security Bug Bounty

Via Jesse is news that Mozilla is offering a bounty for people who find critical security bugs in its software. Should you find one, and you satisfy the critirea, you will receive a bounty of $500. The scheme is part-funded by Linspire, who use the Mozilla suite as the main web browser package in the Linspire OS and who fund the development of Nvu, a web page editor based on Mozilla Composer, so it’s in their interests to ensure that Mozilla is as secure as possible as it makes their product look better.
This is good news for everyone as hopefully it will encourage security researchers to uncover flaws before they get into the wild and underline Mozilla Foundation products as more secure alternatives to Microsoft’s offerings. Starting the fund now is good timing as hopefully some flaws will be found and fixed before Firefox hits 1.0.

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  1. And maybe, just maybe, it will encourage the hackers that would normally exploit the bug, to report the bug instead for the cash. (One can hope…)