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Firefox 0.9.3 is coming

There’s yet another maintenance release of Firefox coming, to fix some security vunerabilities found since 0.9.2. According to this MozillaZine forum thread, a branch has been created which includes three bug fixes related to security. Apparently there will also be maintenance releases to the main Mozilla tree too, making a 1.7.2 release, and a 1.4.3 release for those running the 1.4.x branch (the previous stable branch before 1.7.x). I have no idea whether this will affect Thunderbird.
It’s highly unlikely that this will be a feature release, but it will be a required update for all Firefox users.
Reports of security vunerabilities in Firefox have been coming through with increased frequency lately – hopefully this is because of increased testing by security researchers due to Fx’s increased popularity. On the plus side, these have all come prior to the 1.0 release.
And in totally unrelated news, this is the 2000th post on this weblog in just over 2 1/2 years.


  1. .92 and .93? my .9 browser actually shows .8 in the bottom of the credits. I hope the new version will also fix the popups that I’ve been having.

  2. The REAL difference for me is, mozilla and firefox issues are usually fixed in the nightly build following their discovery 🙂
    The fix for the last one was in CVS less than 6 hours after it was reported!

  3. stupid question, but just where do you download it from? The only links i can find are for the v.92 build or for mozilla.

  4. Congratulations about the posts Neil 🙂
    Andy: I don’t think it’s been released yet.