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Time for the July stats

July has disappeared so quickly for me. It’s been an interesting month, what with getting this job up and ready and then moving into a house in Bradford, and also getting to meet up with a lot of my friends from university again who I hadn’t seen in 6 or so weeks.

But on to the web site. The number of entries I posted this month was down to 69, the lowest since April. Visitors were also down, but only by around 8000, as were page views. Hits were down quite considerably at 647 000, as opposed to nearly a million last month. Total bandwidth used was 4.55GB – somewhat less than last month’s rather exceptional 6.96GB. ‘Unviewed’ traffic was up to 1.02GB though, and average transfer was almost bang on 150MB/day – a good 80MB less than last month.
The most popular entry this month was More on new Firefox features, with 9305 views. Not bad, but more than 3 times less than last month’s most popular entry which is second this month (Firefox 0.9 Tour with 6962 views). The rest of the chart is as follows:

4 of those are ‘new entries’ (written this month) and 3 were from last month. For the second month running all entries are from this year.
Windows users were down slightly to 77.6%, with Mac users back up to second with 4.9% and Linux at 4.4% (both also down). A number of FreeBSD and Solaris users all came here. RISC OS was this month’s least popular OS.
Gecko browsers collectively made up 40.5% of visitors, just slightly ahead of IE’s 40.2%. 2.5% used Safari and 1.6% used Opera, with Konqueror sneaking in at 0.1%. AWeb and ANT Fresco were the least popular browsers.
As usual, Google provided a whole stack of referrals and was only a few hundred down on last month. MSN sent over 2158 and Yahoo 1906. ‘free ipod’ and ‘gmail invitation’ were the most popular search terms but ‘paris hilton sex video’ managed to make it to #8.
The comment leaderboard now looks like this:

  1. Andy (147)
  2. Quanta (112)
  3. Richy C. (99)
  4. Kim (80)
  5. Chris (63)
  6. Richard (55)
  7. Jake Ortman (50)
  8. Chris Burkhardt (42)
  9. Dave (39)
  10. troworld (31)

Not much different from last month but Dave moves up to 9th place from 10th after posting 11 comments this month. As for trackbacks:

  1. Richy’s Random Ramblings (30)
  2. (18)
  3. (15)
  4. Please don’t eat me! (12)
  5. Absoblogginlutely (10)
  6. Webdiva (10)
  7. Nothing but me (8)
  8. Breaking Windows (7)
  9. Revolving Duck (6)
  10. Stupid Evil Bastard (6)

Not much change there at all, really, however there’s a few just outside the top 10 that show potential for moving up a bit.


  1. Once again, Proud to be here.

  2. well if ben can comment and put his stats up that one extra….then so can I.
    I really should have a look at doing something similar for my site. What stats package do you use Neil?

  3. Andy: I use AWStats. I find it easier to use and more powerful than Webalizer.

  4. I’ll get on that comments list one day! 😀