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The washing up

You know you really need to do the washing up when:

  1. You can no longer find the sink.
  2. You have no clean crockery or cutlery and your nextdoor neighbour wants the crockery you borrowed from them back.
  3. The food stuck to the frying pan says ‘hi’ to you when you enter the kitchen.
  4. You can no longer safely balance yet another plate on the washing up pile.
  5. Your kitchen smells like a sewage plant.
  6. Your housemate who is on a pharmacy course finds a cure for cancer in the remnants of a chicken vindaloo you had a few weeks ago.
  7. Your forks are able to move freely around the kitchen at their own free will.
  8. You no longer have to buy mushrooms because you have some growing on an old frying pan.
  9. Even the rats turn their nose up at the leftover food.
  10. Your house is forcibly entered by environmental health officers as the health of the entire street is in danger.

incidentally, #1 and #4 were almost true in the house today. You can probably guess what I’ve been doing this afternoon.

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