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Memory cards – indestructable?

One of the smaller memory cards - a 16GB SD card Remember when compact discs first came out? We were told that, unlike cassette tapes and vinyl, they wouldn’t degrade in quality over time. Well, anyone who’s had a CD or DVD for a while will know that one measly scratch can make a disc worthless. But, it now seems that there is a near-indestructible storage solution already available – memory cards.

This BBC News article reports on tests by Digital Camera Shopper who did all manner of nasty things to the memory cards. They boiled them, trampled on them, dropped them in fizzy drinks, washed them, and they were even given to a six-year-old to destroy. But all memory cards, even flimsy ones like SmartMedia, were still fine to use. And xD and SmartMedia cards even survived being hit with a sledgehammer and being nailed to a tree, although they did need specialist data recovery.

Still, they’re not immune from having their contents accidentally deleted. Now that would be the ultimate card.

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  1. Thanks fot that link! 😀 I always worried about SmartMedia cards – compared to Compact Flash there’s nothing to them. Still, if the BBC says they are indestructable it must be true! 😀