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System Administrator Appreciation Day

Today is the 5th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day (warning: designed with FrontPage), so, in honour of those people who keep our IT infrastructure in check, I’d like to give a special mention to:

  • Andy and Richard who are starting and finishing (respectively) placements in system administration
  • Richy C who works for my hosting company in an sysadmin role
  • Nigel Hulley, who despite the best efforts of some of the students manages to keep the Computing department’s machines working

To everyone above, and every other sysadmin out there, Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day! 🙂

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  1. Work: Knackering…

    Many thanks for the two people who said “Happy Sys Admin Day” to me today (cheers Neil!): I wasn’t too sure about it myself as when I received the first one (around 10am), there wasn’t any “news” about it on Le Reg or Slashdot… Anyway, I just needed …