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FridayQ: Criminal

FQ1: If you could steal something and be assured of getting away with it, what would you take?

Money, since you can buy anything with it.

FQ2: If you could vandalize something without fear of being caught, what object would you deface?

Oooh, tough one. Possibly the BNP headquarters, wherever they are. I’d probably deface it with some anti-fascist politcal posters that expose them for the thugs they really are.

FQ3: If you could trespass someplace where you were not allowed and nobody would find out, where would it be?

It would be nice to have a wander around GCHQ, just to see what it’s like inside. No mal-intent though.

FQ REDEMPTION: Time to redeem yourself for the above stated criminal activities! If you were allowed to write a new law, what law would you create?

I’m not so sure about new laws but I wouldn’t mind tweaking a few existing ones, such as the laws on cannabis – I’d personally have it put in the same bracket as tobacco is now. It would be legally available but there would be warning about the long term effects on the packaging. Similarly I’d ban cannabis advertising.
The other tweaks I’d make would be with loans and credit agencies – I’d set a maximum interest level and ban them from taking on customers who are highly likely to default, since then they would be less likely further damage their credit history. And tighter regulation of debt consolidation firms is probably necessary too.
And I’d also allow the courts to forcibly cancel people’s Sky subscriptions if they don’t pay fines. Being related to someone involved with the legal system, it’s amazing how many people you hear of who claim they can’t pay their fines but can still afford to surrender £10 a week to Sky.

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