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Movable Type 3.1 – coming soon

Anil Dash has posted the new features of Movable Type 3.1. Unlike 3.0/3.01, this will be a full release and not a developer release, so there will be fewer backend changes and more new features on the frontend. Which is good 🙂 .
Here’s a summary of what to expect:

Dynamic publishing in PHP
you can have certain templates be generated on the fly (like in WordPress) rather than having to rebuild them all the time. You can also make templates like your RSS feed static as before. Very cool.
Post scheduling
allows you to post entries that will automatically appear in the future.
This time, support for them is built-in.

The 6 winners of the plugin contest will also be available in an optional plugin pack, so you can get MT-Blacklist, XSearch/Plus, KoalaRainbow, MultiBlog, Markdown and Notifier all at once.
The release isn’t due until the very end of August so there’s a bit of waiting yet. There’s no news on whether there will be a beta test like before, though.


  1. Sounds like it’s going to be good!

  2. Looks neat, but I’m sticking with WordPress.
    Why? Because it’s completely free.

  3. Ah now I’m even more confused! Having spent the last couple of weeks weighing up WordPress V MT, they go and move the goal posts!!

  4. I was looking at MT v WP as well, but the licensing is what really got me.
    And looking over MT’s new features, it just doesn’t seem special any more. I used to, for some reason, be under the illusion that MT was superior to WordPress and whatnot, but it no longer seems that way.
    The only ‘special’ thing I see about MT is the multiple blog support, and I’m sure that will arrive in WordPress eventually.

  5. Dang, I just installed 3.01 on my photoblog site. I hope it doesn’t break anything 🙂

  6. With all the hubbub about the dynamic templating, which is very exciting, I think the other big news is getting lost: those are some *good* plugins that are coming preloaded!

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  8. I guess I didn’t read or understand correctly. That is COOL! The dynamic publishing and scheduled posts!

  9. On behalf of people employed by web hosting companies everywhere – thank goodness! I can tell when somebody has had to rebuild their MT blog as the load on the server goes massively high (even just adding a comment adds a bit of stress). When you could have anywhere between a dozen and a 3 dozen MT users on the one machine, you start to curse…

  10. Can’t wait, especially for subcategories and less rebuilding, oh! and blacklist as well.

  11. I have two posts on my blog relating to the dynamic templating engine and more on Movable Type 3.1 for those that need more information

  12. I was torn between switching my blog to Word Press or sticking with MT, but it looks like I’m sticking with MT because I like the way this 3.1 release sounds. I haven’t yet upgraded to 3.0, but now I’ll probably wait until 3.1 comes out to do so. 🙂

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