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WordPress comment spam

My little-used WordPress Test Blog got its first comment spam today. It’s odd – I thought WordPress was supposed to be somewhat immune from comment spam (perhaps through its relative obscurity in comparison with MT), but not only is it not but there aren’t that many features built into the system to deal with it if you are hit. There’s not even a mass comment editor like there is in MT3 (and MT2 with MT-Blacklist).
There is, however, a plugin called WPBlacklist which emulates the behaviour of MT-Blacklist in WordPress and will let you import MTB blacklists to use as data sources.
I’m a dumbass. WP does have some good comment spam control features, as Steve pointed out in the comments. You can force moderation if a comment contains a high number of URLs or add some common spam words, again to force moderation. Both of these features are in MT-Blacklist 2.0 as well. There is also a mass comment editor too, although it’s a little more buried than in MT.
Meanwhile, I’ve received some spam telling me that I’m paying too much for my hosting, and yet the plan they’re trying to sell me is more expensive than what I have at present and doesn’t have nearly as much disk space or bandwidth.


  1. Have a look at the Kitten’s Friendly Comments plugin

    When a new comment is posted, this plugin checks to see if the authors email address has been use to submit a comment that was previously approved. If it hasn

  2. I’ve had a few attempts at comment spam, but all of them were caught.
    There’s an option (under ‘Discussion’ I believe) to flag a comment for moderation if it contains either certain words or X amount of links.
    The WP Wiki has a list of typical words used in comment spam.
    Hasn’t failed so far.

  3. Oh, and regarding the mass comment editor, there is something similar (I just found it).
    It’s under ‘Edit’ -> ‘Comments’ -> ‘Mass Edit Mode’.