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The end is nigh! Google goes down!

Well, okay, Google isn’t down, but it’s having major problems right now with many queries returning internal server error messages. It’s reckoned that this latest MyDoom variant is causing a distributed denial of service attack that is affecting Google as well as other search engines like Yahoo, Lycos and Altavista. It’s using the search engine to find email addresses for domains that it finds on infected users’ hard drives – so let’s say someone had a document referring to on their HD, it would search Google to find an email address on that domain. Unfortunately it looks like a lot of people have been infected and this is affecting Google’s performance.
Naturally this is on Slashdot and in the comments there are some excellent quotes:

I found it hard to remember the names of other search engines that I could use though.

Other….search engines? Do explain such a foreign concept as this.

Just do a search for, and Google will tell you. Oh, wait…

I misspelled yahoo 3 times before I got it right.

And this:

All Hail My Doom.
For doing the very thing we always failed at doing.

And all this when Google announces the price range for its shares as part of its IPO… poor, poor Google.

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  1. It was like a powercut or something, I felt pretty helpless without Google. I was looking for the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s website and I never realised that I always try google first, not do the obvious thing of typing the band + .com into the address bar.
    Anyways, tried to use altavista first, well not first I hit refresh a couple of times first, then altavista gave me crap results, so I racked my brains and ended up remembering alltheweb, which gave me the correct result.
    Stressful times though.