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Words of encouragement

You may well noticed that I’m not doing Project Blog this year, based on the fact that I haven’t been posting every half hour for the past 24 hours. This was mostly because I was out at a friend’s 21st birthday party last night and so I wouldn’t have been able to blog at the necessary frequency. On the plus side, I do have photos (click on them to enlarge) – the liquid in the third picture is probably best described as a combination of spirits.
Party time Cake Green pint
In any case, the primary purpose of this post was to wish Daisy and Richard good luck with the final hours of the challenge. Maybe I’ll do it next year.


  1. Come on Neil give us a rundown of what the hell is in the Guinness glass?

  2. I’m not actually all that sure, but I think it included Archers and Blue Bol, plus some other stuff. It was quite nice, but very alcoholic and had a licquorice aftertaste. I only had a couple of sips.

  3. The most popular drink in Ireland at the moment has to be the ‘Fat Frog’ There is an ice-pop called the Fat Frog that was around for years, but now thanks to the wonders of modern alco-pops you can spend half your week’s wages on one of these.
    Fat Frog:
    2 pint glasses, ice
    btl bacardi breezer orange
    btl vodka WKD blue
    btl smirnoff ice